Friday, January 8, 2010


You know how sometimes bila kau fikir oh right this is the life for me, green and fresh, and suddenly if you turn the leaf over and you discover something new beneath it maybe kau fikir oh right how come I didn't notice that in the first place?
It could be a snail munching away or maybe a worm, maybe a locket tucked neatly..maybe a little piece of you could use it as a ribbon to tie around  your hair..who knows? I don't really get the exact meaning of this because these words merely came right out of my skin, bukan otak, bukan hati, but I guess you can interpret it according to your own life experience.

"Send me a flower of your December,
Send me a dream of your candied wine.
I've got just one thing can't give you,
Just one more thing of mine."

Listening to Mazzy Star. How I love mellow, lazy songs...

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