Saturday, April 3, 2010

TGV, you suckkk.
Now "How to train a dragon" on the other hand, was pretty nice. Love all the details in their 3d work. Good job Dreamworks!
We snuck in another cinema andd watched some zombie icky stuff forawhile Ethan Hawke as the star so yeah okla boleh cuci mata.
Off to bed. So after settling with my movie and ice cream craving, I can continue with my oh my thesis. Gon finish it up tomorrow!


shahrilshamaun said...

bes kan howtotrendragon kalo tgk 3d lagi bes terangkat2 punggung haha

s h i d a t said...

besh!!!!!!!jom naik rolerkoster

Gooseberry//Yo said...

shamaun: bes doooo aku suke gile texture badan dragon! btw i miss ya dude! doakan aku habis dgn cpat!!!

dadat depp: jom!!