Friday, May 28, 2010


Trying to be positive with my current situation though I know I'll be missing out on important stuff like Mapley with the usual homies [fatin, kocha, ila] haha 3 org je what a loser anyways that's how I am, and most of the Banginians too. It's hard for us to get out of the nest and meet others and getting used to them the way we are to each other but oh well. Next on the list is THE RUNAWAYS movie oh my I swear I'll  treat whoever determine to kidnap and drag me to the cinema to see Kristin Stewart actin all tough in that movie to kidding. I'm that can park anywhere if you bring me along, you just have to help me a lil like getting on the stairs and big dealkan [big sweet eyes]. Ok what's next? Hum okay there's the anniversary, Ila's birthday [which we usually celebrate during the holiday] and playing with the kidsssssss.

On a lighter note, I'm getting my hands on reading again. There's eat, pray, love[yes it's about time], and I know my sis have scads of book she'll bring along when she comes home nanti.

And my hair is getting longer! Awesome.

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