Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sayonara kesayangan

It's been a helluva ride for these past 2 years. Love hate relationship with the whole thing. Awal part 3, terkial-kial adjust dengan masa, tempat and keadaan. Budak-budak, cari sana cari sini, belajar buat kawan with the Malakanians, forgetting Perak and starting anew.

Learning to live in the big city. Everything was fast, the people, time and deadlines.No, I didn't like it at all. It's as if there's no room to breathe as everything was so noisy and crowded especially the early morning traffic, the parkingless Fac, and nasty people.

It's ironic how at the end of the day, I finally found comfort  in the face of the people I've been sharing life qith for 2 whole years, macam lampu suluh direct kat muka kau, you just have to stop and wonder why did it took me 2 years to get out of the comfort zone and sayang orang yang tak pernah disayangi.

I guess this is my last experience hanging with real friends and all, I mean I know there's always gon be the alumni and all but nothing beats waiting for the lecturers to call you in and asses,  and while waiting you camho like what and being crazy  and everything else with everyone. Those memories that'll hunt you for the rest of your lives, your reasons for friendsickness and the missing parts and the smiles and laughs and everything else . The ongoing "boring" and "layak kekau" and "motif" and all the dirty jokes, every minute, everyday..the trip to PakLi and Barra and midnight movies and the swimming sessions, gossip sessions ;), the hugs and kisses, the confrontations and meltdowns and love, love, love.

Thankyou gfs and bfs for these 2 years, no I won't go through it ever again as it is tremendously exhausting but I'll remember everything and everyone, and that'll be my blanket of comfort for the rest of my life.

Love always,

p/s: gambar cam banyak lagi but what to do, the connection sucks. Thanks Aja, Cdat, Ila,Tisu,Ame, Amin, Kuwe and the rest of the gang batch 2008. Oh and Ajid. Lupa lak. :P MWAHS!


Anonymous said...

:) this is not the end, sugar.
this is just the beginning. for real. i won't say goodbye becus we will see each other again! oki doki! hugs kuat2! thanx for the "nitemare movie" like seriesly, aku akan goosebump seumur hidup aku bila ingat semula cerita tu n terus aku akan ingat kau n kure. bluweeeeeeek! ngeri! @_@

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hehehe n thanks aja oso for everything!! such a shame last2 baru nak kenal sume!! mwahs mwahs. yep tamaw cakap gubye. love u guys ! :*

s h i d a t said...

ada hikmah atas apa yg berlaku ke atas aku..masalah yg tak habis2 mengejar aku, aku dapat kenal kawan2 baru..suma tu buat aku rasa lagi dihargai..neway, terima kasih fikryohanis sbb byk tlg kitew..

salam human centipede dari Shidat..


alkapon said...

sbnrnye yo dedicate post ni kat aku. tgk muke dia pun dah tau, tp tkt kure jeles so dia terpaksa dedicate kat rmi2

Gooseberry//Yo said...

cdat gilo: ok cashback to you.. tq gak sebab jadi kawan i..kalau kite tak abv sama2 dulu dahlama i sombong dgn u..i susah mesra..mwahhhh

jenggojuboq: hahahahah ko tak habes ngan prasan ko. ye ah lagi 10 thn aku buat 1 post utk kau. baekk pnuya kasi bini ko bace pastu cerai