Friday, June 11, 2010

I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon

I used to really love Rivers Cuomo when I was younger, say about 14-15 years old?
I remember saving pictures of him from the internet, printed em, and pasted it all on my file folder.Yes, I love him that much.
He was brilliant in his own way, and the way he wrote his songs. This was way back before all those Beverly Hills and mainstream songs came into the radio. Radio killed the rockstar or so they say. Anyways, I remember this one time, I wrote El-Scorcho on a piece of paper and gave it to my crush haha anonymously, by sneaking and putting it on his desk while he was out in the field. Later that year I told him about it and he was clueless so probably the stupid note got blown away by the wind. But he fell for me nevertheless :P.

 Okay, I'm over the whole geek, awkward guy phase but still..

p/s:  Job hunting with a broken foot.
       Counting my blessings, and more to come. Terimakasih tuhan.
       Missing my cousins, the bf, nieces. I'm always missing around.



shahrilshamaun said...

yeaa green album is one of the best cetak rompak ive ever bought.

Gooseberry//Yo said...

green eh? aku ske blue albummm!