Monday, August 23, 2010

Things that can go wrong on your wedding day

Based on my dreams. Got tons of it.

1) u forgot to hand out the invitation cards. So no guests arrrived on that day and u ended up bickering with your lawfully wedded husband after the ceremony, pointing fingers sape yg lupa pas kan kad.

2) you're wedded in a tree, dalam pondok, located at a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig field and the guests yang datang semua duduk dalam khemah ikut baju kaler masing masing macam rumah sukan. -_______-"


4) You forgot to wear your baju nikah. Instead you wore jeans and shirt and only teringat bila you tengok your sister pakai baju kurung and got scolded by the imam.
And u have to climb down the trees and lalu semak samun untuk sampai ke tempat tukar baju and ended up with no makeup at all and late for the akad.And imam scold summore.

I woke up puking -____-".


aajaa said...

i like number 2 :D

Gooseberry//Yo said...

haha! aja kawen buat cmtu la then >.< jenuh panjat pondok tu

tudung nenek said...

menikah atas pokok tue dah mcm siamang.. ahaha

suria said...

hahah..dahla kawen lambat lagi!

Anonymous said...

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