Saturday, September 11, 2010

Secret smile

Follow me into the sunlight,
mimicking the bird's singing voice,
watching you watching me,
and I wonder,
will there still be a strand of gold hair on your chin,
and those dark eyes,
will they shine as bright,

10 years after,
and those warm smile,
the secret smile,

will you still be my bestfriend?
Will you still forbid me to wear any eyeliner, and keep me grounded?
And driving me here and there, till I lose my tan cause I'm so spoil?Because
you do not want me to go anywhere alone?
The engineer, the fixer,
kinda like a father, bit of an older brother.
It's crazy how we complement each other in the worst way.
And I learnt my lessons,
I've ran to the furthest of  places,
the fastest of arms,
but it's like circling in a silly circle.
I'm always gonna go back to you.

Aku macam ingat this one buku cerita time kecik2..there's this bunny rabbit benci gila jadi rabbit , die benci makan carrot and he told his mum he's planning to runaway and be something else..and his mum said whatever it is, i'll be close behind.

So he went and jadi a sailor, and tibe2 his mum transformed into this cloud and blew his sail to direct him to home, and later he became a climber, and his mum tukar jadi bukit, and then he grew frustrated and he became a gardener,and his mum turned into this flower, watching him and stuff.


NiR said...

wuiyoo story rabbit tu cam best jee


Gooseberry//Yo said...

mmg bes! mana tah pegi buku tu.