Sunday, September 5, 2010


I could list out so many things I hate about people, the way they are, the way they were, the way things are.
But for now I decide to let go and be merry. Enough hate. I know the world's getting sillier. I'm not gonna touch on the braggers, haters, extremists, psychopaths, wars or any other stuff. All the sad parts of the world. Coz maybe I am part of that. Part of them is apart of me. .
It's like everyone's getting crazier. I'm getting crazier.

I remember a book called "Walk Two Moons". It tells a story of Pandora, how she opened a box full of all the sadness in the world and that's why there's cancers, wars, and all those sad stuff.

Maybe the only thing we can lean on is God.
And hope.
It makes everything less..hopeless.


Anonymous said...

owhh sadnyee hek hek hek hek

didi dido said...