Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Losing inspiration

Eversince I started working, stop studying as a Graphic student, I stopped practicing. Practicing on what? Creating artworks. And come marriage, lagilah uninspired as I have other important things to do. Ke tak? Kure said I'm just making excuses which is kinda true as I dont have the patience anymore to just sit and draw my day away.Thus my latest works were all..unfinish. And yesterday I told him that I used to be inspired because I was sad. I was sad and love to dwell in 'em and whilst I dwell, I draw.
But now I'm happy I do not know what to draw anymore
The only thing Yo knew was drawing, and now I stopped, I do not know what I am anymore.


NiR said...

draw happiness.

maybe you will inspired people with your drawings.
good luck finding yourself pal.

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hihihi thanks.. omg its..animeee!

DyanaYunus said...

"I do not know what I am anymore."
u're a wife now, a sister-in-law to eleven ;) y not try things new. start drawing when u're extremely happy. draw ur new big happy family