Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm not great. I'm not brilliant. Don't look up to me because I'm not a good role model. Just trying to get by and struggling to be good at the only thing I know which is illustration but still not good enough, still out of proportion, lacks of color, shadows.. i don't know. Underpaid and currently thinking of quitting, dunno where to go. A good pointer dont mean a thing if u're a designer. 
I abandoned my 8As worth of SPM, Science Stream down the drain when I got this art craze near 2004 and thinking I want to be good at illustration and I want to learn to do vectors and digital painting and I do not want to be boring stuck in the lab and absorbing science stuff. I could've learn all those stuff on my own.
I thought then I had used half of my left brain digging through hard Maths and Sciences  so I took Art & Design , just because I want to use the other half of my brain. Haih what an impulsive decision I made.. Oh well.

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shahrilshamaun said...

aku igt lg masa kau bgtau aku kau nak amek art&design dgn result 8a kau.terkejut beruk gak.then aku cm jeles cos time tu kau cam macho gile sbb da ada hala tuju while budak2 lain sumer just ikut bayang org lain.tahell kau bleh pegi oversea kalo kau nak.hang in there k theres stil room to grow.