Thursday, December 15, 2011


from a fat cat who can get away with anything. I’ve been lolling around in this fatsuit for quite sometime  now and so can’t wait to meet the little guy whom I have been dreaming for these past few weeks, almost everyday. Mimpi bedung lah, menyusu lah, baby gemuk la. The face? Like a regular baby..common and hard to remember. Hehe.  I guess momma’s just nervous and thinks too much. Feel like I’m planning a wedding or something, you just never know what to expect, whether the clothes are enough, the bottles are enough or whether you’re gonna be this superdeeduper organized mom or whther your kid’s gonna think you’re cool or a bore, and other stuff >.<” What a regular mom I am now the baby’s not out yet and I’m worried about everything that can go wrong haha >.<”  nebes nebes nebessssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I still swear yeah. 2 months left to kick off the old habits which is quite a lot. GAHHH. I’m still the lazy dude like I once was. The room’s a mess and I’m  planning to sleep right after this.
Nak cutiii. So tiredddddddddddddd

 Fik is sayin' "2 months to gooooo"

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shidat said...

homey2 la pipi..2 bln lg kejap je tu pejam2 celik2..