Saturday, March 3, 2012


15th of February marked the birth of my son, Thaqif. At first we went to Salam for my weekly checkup but then the nurse asked me to pee on the stick and when I came back she said "Wah dah ada darah lah!" and I said "Ha??Bestnya!!" so the doc asked me to come in. The scariest part is when she seluk down below and said dah bukak 3 cm..u have to go upstairs and give birth.. i macam terkedu gila. THAT SOON? We haven't even prepared the bags semua dalam kereta but she told me not to worry.
So induced around 11 am, contractions, epidural sikit and 15 mins after I've taken epi, rasa like taking a huge sht right then and there so that's when the baby came out after about 5 push. So the whole labor process lasts from 11 am- 1.50 pm. Sooner than expected. It was an amazing experience and kalau orang kata sakit tak..saya cakap best je sebab mmg best. can't wait to get pregnant again..insyaallah okay like the first one. huhu.
Still trying to adjust life as a mom, not an easy task but I'll manage. I've been giving him bath and everything since day 2 so that's an accomplishment. Yeeha.

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