Monday, June 25, 2012

Here are growth and development patterns of a child at four months. Each step listed represents an average of a time span of 6 to sometimes 12 weeks that is considered within the normal range for that behavior. Don't be concerned if your child is not doing something listed here. Each baby develops at his own pace.

  • Arm and leg movements are better controlled. check
  • Rolls over from tummy to back with ease.
  • When lying on tummy, his legs straighten, and he will make swimming movements with both arms and legs.
  • Holds head erect when sitting.  check(not all the time)
  • Kicks legs a lot. Splashes hands and feet in bathtub.  check (shower to be exact, gotta buy a bathtub that fits him)

  • Head and eyes move in coordinated motion. check
  • Both hands grasp at approximate size of object to manipulate it, then baby puts object in her mouth. check
  • Easily tracks objects with her eyes. check
  • Watches moving people and gazes across a room. check
  • Explores own body with hands. check
  • Looks for complexity and novelty in surroundings. check

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