Sunday, April 28, 2013


My little dragon

15 months old already..dah start cakap macam-macam, jatuh nak kena orang cuddle and blow mana yang sakit. Very ganas around little kids, specially babies but love them as well. Depends on the mood. HATES sharing, very persistent and will do anything to claim whats his, like yesterday, his cousin wanted to ride on her bike, but Thaqif from 6 month lagi asik nak ride on the grownup punya bike so die rasa macam the bike was his, so semalam ain nak amik, he grabbed onto the bike's seat. and reversed the bike!! I blame the daycare for this, they have to fight for their rights to survive specially among em kids. Sian kan?
Loves the swing and seesaw, bila duduk muka serious and layan.
Loves gigit/kiss his mama and abah. Pandai amin kan bila nak makan, but yeah, ikut mood jugak. Pandai buang sampah, hehe, we usually wrapped his used diapers tepi katil je wahahha and suddenly he came to me (i was in the toilet) and bagi i his used diapers, asking em to be thrown out. sentap mak uolsss!
Loves cuddling with bears, and love elmo as well. :) Mat ganas but hati very soft. Haha thats my dragon baybay. Love you to bits.

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