Thursday, September 5, 2013

hulo boyfie

Listening to this song reminded me of my husband. Remembering the awesome beginnings and I can't believe it's been 6 years already and how thankful I am to share these past 6 years with him. He made me loved me for who I am, he showed me that it's okay to be me, and made me love me even more.

We met at our bestfriend's surprise birthday party. He msged me through myspace asking to throw a secret bash for her so we agreed. After the party, he texted me saying he kinda like me. I was a bit unsure coz he was a bit manja and not so manly hahahah so yeah a bit turn off but still think he's quite a catch so I string him on. He was a real mama's boy, love kids, love toys r us, toys, weird music and totally the opposite of me.  He's nicer, more polite than me and I think my parents love him more. He used to say on those early days he wanted to take care of me, I ccouldnt imagine really. Plus with his history, I was always one foot on the ground, one foot ready to ciao whenever things get bad. Guess I was afraid and emo-ish at that time.

But we met after 2 weeks, and he talked a lot. I think now that I know him better, he was probably nervous.
I remember looking at the mirror at mcd @midvalley and made a face at the mirror without him noticing screaming "YO WHAT ARE DOING???" and my heart was a bit skeptic, coz I didnt feel those butterflies.
(After a few years we went to Midvalley as husband and wife, I told him about the mirror thingy) But I kept praying because I know he's just what I need, not want, and I prayed to God to make me want him and it worked..God answered my prayer a few months after that. :')

He made me notice the smaller things in life, details on toys, or maybe like lalu dekat rumah orang and the owner changed the color on the door, he would point that out too, small details,  like the way my son plays with his toys, the way he chew his food, something like that, he made me notice that too.

Love u!!!

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