Monday, September 16, 2013

Semua pun "nanak"

Pening gile. He likes to stay up till 12, doing God knows what. Lari sana lari sini, when I turn off the bathroom light, he wails. Tidur and nurse, always with his plastic keras horse made in china. sakit ok. He likes to make the horse nurse also, and then pandang horse tu and cakap "NO!" . So funny. When I ask him to minum susu, he turns away and says "nanak!" almost every single night.. Okla..makes it so much easier bila nak wean nanti..sometimes he can sleep by himself sometimes kena minum jugak.

Love the dinosaurs .we went to see the crappiest dino show ever but he really loved it. Asik mintak to look at fik's phone and said "am!" "am!" buat macam makan. haha.

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