Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The things I remembered

The earliest memory I had was me playing blocks on a hosp bed. I asked my mom about it she said it was when my sister was born. I was about 1 year and 5 months at that time.

Playing hide and seek with my sis, went to my mom's room and saw someone solat, i thought it was my sis pretending to solat utk hide from me(kidlogic) so i climbed her back and shouted victory. Turned out my sis was peeking at the door and suruh I stop panjat lol.

Karaokeing with Maya , recording our voice nyanyi lagu Mariah Carey Omg the recording was so bad. I blamed the recorder but asal suara i je tak sedap. Nyanyi lagu "open arms".

My sister glued my face while i was asleep, I woke up and thought my skin was peeling off :((

My dad's big breakfast while we're young ; Tangs, drummet, toasted cinnamon bread, yogurt. Hm hm.

My mom complaining about work and whatnot one evening after got back from work and my dad said "maybe u need a hug" and hugged her in front of us and i remembered laughing. I thought it was really sweet. I was about 9 at that time.

Me nibbling on a heart locket while watching tv accidently swallowed it. Nothing exciting happened afterwards. I was expecting a heart shaped poo or smtg but yeah. nothing.

Mandi with my 3 sisters after main dekat luar, spraying water everywhere.

My mom suap-ing us.

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