Monday, January 11, 2010

So take Heart


  • So the tiles on my kitchen wall came of 'em. So my walls are like..practically naked. The tiles came crashing down like all pecah2 luckily I didn't get hurt.
  • Ate two packets of Indomie/Ibumie for supper. 
  • Went to Summit and bought a cheap shirt, loving it to bits. Sunway Pyramid was a bore. Popoye was yummy. Summit was just...urghh
  • I think it's time to grow up for good. Apa je hati meliar yang aku kejar? Hati meliar aku kena stop. Aku dah nak 23. He's right. Aku kena tetapkan hati.
  • Walked/ran/jumped in the rain yesterday, stuck dalam PAS and kereta nun jauh kat tasik. Was fun though, I love the rain, Fikri, and walking in the evening.
  • Got dates with my cousin, 2 of my childhood friends, and my Zul.
  • Had a cupcake at Sunway Pyramid. Freakin awesome. I miss my choc chip cookies though. And dad's juice.That's my breakfast, lunch and dinner during mum's absence.

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