Thursday, March 25, 2010

Again, untitled.

Not saying I'm tired, it's just that I feel distant, even when around y'all, and everything and everyone's changing and I don't know how to stop it.
Maybe I've changed a bit but still I feel as though I'm stuck here, not willing to try on anything and everything right now and for me it's okay, it's fine.
Maybe I'm still the same naive girl 6 years ago, only with a massive lust for comfortable jeans and perfumes.
As I sat and chatted, part of me grew kinda numb with these changes. As they say, you gotta lose some to gain some. I lose plenty, not friends really, just the old familiar comforts I used to get everyday for 13 years.
And right now, continuing my degree, it's safe to say that kids are getting crazy and meaner and everyone's trynna get to the top without thinking of others. It's all about the game. I know some of you who read this may get offended but you know the truth and you know what a shithole that place is. Only a few can be called friends and the others, let's just say they are there for the drama. You think being in the same group of people for years and years makes you cool and all that and no one can touch you or even hurt you and you're invincible and can do anything as you please? Gimme a call when you get into the real world.

Those who have been there through everything, merci. You know who you are.

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