Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you keep saying you love that person and he/she doesn't reply back, would you believe in your heart that the person felt the same way as you do, or are you just gonna assume that they dont give a damn really.

Macam kau cakap kau sayang anak kau and dia tak pernah reply balik. Apa kau akan assume eh?

Mesti rasa agak pathetic kan.

Some people are scared of rejection that they can't bear to even have a pet because they're afraid of getting rejected and unloved, even by their own pet.

Rejections are pretty sad, so do dried up hearts.

This is not a rant on my love life part 1652.


Anonymous said...

what happened?

anonironaronimakaronimous said...

maaaak sentap..

Gooseberry//Yo said...

anon: nothing really. random thought

makaronimous: haha funny nick..why sentap? n may i know who u guys r? ;)

suria said...

not part 1653?sure a?haha