Sunday, June 27, 2010


So I'll be unwrapping this hideous cement in a few days. I'm gonna write a thank you note for the ones who have helped me pulled this through. Ok let's start with my mum dad and aishah for helping me with the food, baking and cooking and isi botol air so that malam malam i stay up and tak thirsty. Abah for his apple pie, cookies, roast humps[haha sounds funny], and his awesome baked/fried chickens and the once a week Yakult. My mum and Aishah for making me meals and bringing em to the table. I'm so spoilt.. Oh bes. Anf for entertaining me with stories and jokes, and for being there. Su & Kodeng for visiting and taking me out to breakfast omnomnom. My two nieces, Salma and Hanan, for doodling ALL over my cast with my FABRIC MARKERS yes tqverymuch children.And Salma for handing me the "all about bones" book and giggled mischievously -__-" and Hanan for your poor imitation of me wearing my tongkat. And my brother for introducing me to the whole season of How I Met your mother right when I needed something..a neverending something. And for the Cherry coke. Like seriously, I want another tin. Thanks for being the best family ever.! Jyeah.

And not to forget the scene of the accident. Many thanks to makcik, for the food, for the urut, for being concerned and basically, for everything and Yana and all of the family for buying the crutches and taking good care of me while I was there. Sorry I caused you guys so much trouble yah. -___-". :D 

Oh yes, and Fikri, for sending me to the Uitm clinic, and chased the ambulance and failed since u dint know the route to Hosp Klang and the ambulance was so darn fast, for buying me milks and cookies while waiting,for the frowned brows, for caring too much and for packing almost all my stuff, folding the pile of clothes and pushing me on wheelchair and sending me back home and for taking me out on weekends, to the movie! yeah! horrific experience but memorable, my foot was bloated the whole time haha and the ride in the wheelchair in Alamanda. Wicked uhuh and dragged me to the toystore for like an hour or so knowing i cant go newhere aha love you anywaysssss. And for your patience. Yeap.

And Ila, for taking me out on gossip dates every once in a while and for being awesome as the bestfriend she is since 14, as always ;). Come back home woman!! I miss youu!

And to Khairina and the childhood friends, the bbq thingy wass the best we should do that more often.
And for those who have been asking me about my condition and stuff. Thanks. I feel blessed, ironic.

I don't usually write this detailed and personal and this is not for showing off or anything, I just want you guys to know that I'm very thankful. And too broke to sms each one of y'all and writing these long msges. You get my point right? Thanks. :) It was great while it lasts.


DyanaYunus said...

ahahaha kerek je salma bg buku psl bones tu ^.^
u're most welcome. so sad tak sempat g shopping dgn yo this holiday :(

Gooseberry//Yo said...

itu lah..u can come back cuti kejap2 we'll go in the weekends <3

fye said...

u should really be thankful...u were blessed with the best of friends, boy and family...i envy la!

Gooseberry//Yo said...

dint notice this comment.. what about u abg fye?