Monday, June 28, 2010

You see, at the end of the day, you're probably gonna end up with..some who kinda thinks like you. The one who share the same principle, way of thinking. I'm not saying you're gonna end up with a soulmate coz I don't really believe in one. No soul is exactly the same and probably that's for the better.. Gotta keep the mysteries alive, in some ways or another.I sucked at writing it's just that sometimes it's better to let go and not think of the past and not think of the people who have broken you to bits and pieces because you know you owe yourself to that person because at least he/she had the guts to spare you from the hurt that's about to happen by putting a stop rather then keeping you hanging like a an unwanted old tire swing. Because ..because everyone knows, leaving someone is always as hard as being left behind. ..
At least the waiting stopped. At least you know you got no choice but to move on and forget everything. Like painting your walls a different colour, or walking to a different path to reach the usual place, or maybe run to a different place, using the same path. Because you know it won't get better just by sitting and waiting. No, time dont heal the wounds. Time just makes them rot if you refused.

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