Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jejak Kasih

Dulu time kecik, aku slalu tukar2 bestfriend. Hafiza or ejot, was my best of friends when I was like, 9 and sampai umur 11 tahun. She chose me. I remember this one time at class, she came to me and said something about her pencilbox and that's the beginning of urmm.. a sisterhood or smtg.

She asked me to come to her house on the following weekend and my, I remember how huge her house was considering aku kecik gila time tu. And bawah tangga ada all these toys, mmg rambang mata so we played under the stairs utk brape jam. Then bila petang, my dad came and fetched me.

Eversince then, we became inseparable. Seriously, her family was like mine. Imagine aku, die and her 14 yr old sister pegi Sunway Lagoon naik Ktm time tu baru 9 tahun. I even went to her kampung this one time but I forget where it was, all I remember was the clear sky and colddddddddddddd freezing water and rumah kampung and so so so seronok and that was the first and the last kampung I've ever been to. Coz I dint know anyone else yang nak share kampung dia dengan I. Shows how close we were back then. Pastu tringat tgk konsert the brothers sama sama with her sis. Sume jadi bila I 9-11.

Every weekend mesti tidur rumah dia wah bes gila and malam2 baca Archie. Petang she would carry me depan basikal die and I had to bongkok sebab dia tak nampak jalan. Wherever her family goes anywhere, there I was. Her clothes was my clothes. Huge watch, huge t's, boy's jeans. She was a bit of a tomboy at that time and my, what a leader. I'm always the follower, so I followed her around. She's like a sister to me. And her mum was kinda like my mum also. Time her sis was dating this one guy, kiteorang ikut sama and snickered behind everytime they got all lovey dovey like panggil sayang or whatever.

And satu benda bodo, kiteorg g kedai and I kuar kreta terlebih awal so I waited for them at the back of the car, tepi kepala bonet pastu bonet terbuka time tu. Tiba2 kakak die tutup bonet and my lengan tersepit kat pintu bonet T_T ssakit gila but I was tooooo shy to tell them so I just stood there and prretend nothing happened and tunggu diaorg masuk and kuar kedai and tak tahan sangat I panggil Hafiza and told her what happened. Doubt she remembers this. haha. Oh well.
I got a huge bruised after that.

And ingat kita pergi rumah Zarith braya and Titanic was huge at that time and so we pasang dekat rumah Zarith and bila sampai the obscene part we wud close our eyes and cakap ewwwwwwwwwwwww.
I didn't remember what happened next. Did we get into a big fight?Or maybe it's just the growing up phase, we lost track of each other and 14 yrs later, there they are in my house, eating my dad's choc cake.
It was a rather nostalgic moment. I thought it wud be awkward, but tak. Thanks for coming. Really trigger my memory la. :)