Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love makes little things grow says the big red dog.

Baby Totif almost hits his 4 month mark yay. I'm still working fro Monday to Wednesday and that really helps, thanks to my boss.
Still breastfeeding and been pumping like mad at work like a coww  but got tired from doing it at times but a job is a job..I'm still determined to avoid FM cozzz its costly and I'd rather save my money for baby clothes and stuff.. That reminds me..he's outgrowing almost all his clothes at the mo so yeah..most of them are still brand new. Next baby's gonna be so lucky..mama tak payah shop2 dah. yeah riteeeee.

Let's see, little Totif's neck is getting stronger day by day cept he still hasnt yet rolled over. He can however lifts his head when lying flat on his stomach but usually lasts around 5 mins tops or else dia whimper.
Still sleeps with one of my arm around him otherwise he gets all kalut and flail his arms around our faces. :[
Recently hates the routine of going to sleep as he will scream bloody murder and cry so I had to swaddle and rock him gently to calm him down then baru I nursed him to sleep. Fussy man.
If anyone let's say my husband talks to me while I'm nursing, he will get all cranky and stop minum and complain . Probably saying "hey backoff this is my mummy time.omnomnom"

Got his first heavy phlegm and cough this week..poor baby. We gave him a sauna by letting the hot shower steamed the toilet then biar dia relax dalam toilet, buttnaked in my arms, and he fell asleep to that. This is to reduce and cairkan the phlegm. It kinda works..still ada sikit-sikit lagi.
Loves holding conversation with everyone, but have an extra soft spot for boys and grandmas. Haha. Kbai.

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