Thursday, July 19, 2012


How I love having a baby around. He's turning 6 in a couple of weeks so I have to get ready to wean this little one slowly..Let's see...
weights 9.3 kg, 68.5 cm long
He can now roll over dengan laju (at times)
Still a screamer and ppl pleaser.
Has dry patches around his tummy and legs..nurse kata maybe eczema but mcm takde rashes or gatal and she advised to get sebamed baby lotion. Baru guna 3 days so far no improvement. But it's not that bad. (I hope)
Loves loves loves cuddling. Sian now since I'm working full time he has to get up early and selalu badan lembik lembik je bila bawak turun. Usually he sleeps till 11 o'clock. My sis said large babies tend to sleep longer.

We went to Tesco a few days back and he was so jakun bila masuk pizzahut coz it was his first time and his head went in all directions, lagi dengan his deer caught on headlight eyes..haiyoyo..sian tengok budak kecik ni jakun.hehe but it was funny.

Silly baby@5 months old.

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