Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Baby learn so much already. He knows how to roll, finally and currently loves sleeping on his tummy. There's this one time I tried to change his diaper discreetly while he was sleeping, he got up, cried, rolled over and tried running away using his face . hmmm.
He hates noisy kids.. bila budak sergah je he would cry his merajuk cries and mulut turned downward macam ni :C haha so cute.
I fed him with oatmeal (boiled and blend), pears (which he loves), banana (poopoo jadi keras), apple and carrot. He hates porridge, makan je terus gagged and keluarkan. drama! And then complained about it for half and hour till I suap makanan lain. Sigh!
Loves going out, he would sit on me at the back , dreaming away while staring at the window. When we got back home, tutup pintu je he would grunt and clench his fists. Just like mom huh?
And I think he's teething dah, keeps rolling his tongue across his yeaa..have to prepare myself for that. that's all! love u silly baby! 

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