Monday, July 29, 2013

Books books books

Dang right, I'm the type yang can't get over how awesome the book is, so I had to reread it all my life and memorized the synopsis, words, scene and everything. My favorite are the ones where I got from  really cheap 2nd hand bookshops, and didn't return the books. Don't worry, my deposit got burned cause of that.
Some of my favs are:

This book is epicccc but the movie was so out-of it it's not even good. The characters were hopeless, specially the Indian guy. Thought he'd be cooler, taller. Hmph. Hampeh.

Pretty much a stubborn donkey, still so lazy to start on a new book. They're like my old friends, the place I go to find comfort (over). It's been awhile since I bought any books!! Thinking of purchasing the season of passage since the one at home dah hancoq. Penakut betul nak cuba buku baru.

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