Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hernia Surgery (Angin Pasang)

When my son was like, around 7 weeks or so, I noticed a bulge atas sikit from his penis. When I poked the bulge, it gave out this squishy sound, macam bunyi baloon or something. As a first timer (in parenting), I was shocked, googled, cried, went to the doc,couldn't sleep, cried again, then called Sg Buloh to scheduled for a surgery.To make a long story short, after weeks and weeks of going to the hosp, the doc referred us to HKL. What?? So we went to Sg Buloh for weeks and weeks just to get referred to other place? Thats gov to you.

Fed up, so went to Salam and booked. By that time, he was already 1 year ++. And the bulge weren't getting any smaller so the surgery was scheduled 3 weeks after. Cuak sangat. I really pampered him weeks before the surgery with foood haha.

It was on June I think, we checked in the day before. The surgery was supposed to be at 10 am tomorrow morning. So around 7 pm, a nurse came in and says nak cucuk jarum for drip nanti. It was really too early for that but her reason was "tanak esok die marah-marah before doc cucuk". Sigh, alrite. I wanted to accompany him but the nurse refused. So I made Elmo go with him. Suddenly I heard this wail, horrid long wails coming from the other room. OMG SERIOUS KESIAN it went for a really really long time and then tibe-tibe the nurse came in and apologized, she said she couldn't find his vein since he's so pudgy and fair skinned. amende tah? dua tempat luka. kesian sangat, he was traumatized for a minute or so. Luckily there's Elmo to make him feel better.

After the incident

And then we got bored and headed to Mamak, and went home just to kill time. Came the hardest part; FASTING.
I had to stop nursing him at 5 am (I couldn't sleep the whole night, doing what I do best; worrying). And the BEST part was all the nurses came barging in and woke him up, dahla tak boleh bagi susu, so I had to comfort him till 11 o'clock in the morning since he couldn't sleep without me nursing him so yeahh..penat sangat. The surgery went for like an hour, or maybe less than that. Anyway everything went well, he was up and running after the 4 hour nap.


                                                                   After the surgery :(

Thanks Elmo!

                                                                       Happy dah!

Special thanks to the peeps @Salam Hospital. :)

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