Sunday, January 10, 2016

Baby Mina

Been years since I've written anything in here. Now where should I start?
 We moved out from Shah Alam (inlaws house) to Puchong, an apartment I had fallen for, with swimming pool and park, a lil cozy home for us three. That's where I really learned to juggle work and house chores, that's how me and Fik really grew as a person. I remember feeling really alone those past weeks not having anyone to talked to other than my partner and kid, so used to living in a house full of people haha.  So thats where I got pregnant, work for another year and quit right after that, lost my uncle, my nephew ( baby Rahman <3 2015="" 2016="" a="" all="" and="" challenging="" dearest="" filled="" for="" good="" here="" in="" love.="" love="" may="" more="" my="" nenek.="" nutshell.="" of="" only="" p="" s="" so="" surprises="" this="" to="" us="" was="" with="" year="">
wait a minute...i just described 2014 for goodness's sake..bengong gile..last year was ok..i got a baby actually!!! Aminah Fahima my emotional little peanut..her heart's so big and she wears it well. 2015 was the day we actually moved to our house..the house that we bought. Right after moving I popped a 3.1 kg baby girl at Salam Hospital. Happy, happy days. She's not exactly like Ali, the features and all. People has been comparing non stop, specially time baru je bersalin. Wth..I carried her for 9 months in the belly and struggled for hours to get her out of me just to hear you cakap "siannya..tak putih macam abang dia" or worse " mak aih..hitamnya tak macam mak dia". Bahahhahaa best pantang ever (not). i just realized how obsessed Malays are with skin color.  Sian Minah, whatever it is, I love you to bits and pieces so be you! Don't forget baby girl.

Right now, baby mama lovess eating, cats! (tapi takut but geram nak pegang), pandai clap at 6 months! cepat jeee....right now at 8 1.2 months banyak panjat and jatuh..and trying to stand without support and baru start waving bye bye..tak sabar nak main with her bro.. and Ali has beeen the best brother ever!! Eveytime I bf her upstairs he will follow me from behind and open the door slowly and asked "Mama Aminah tidur ke?" I f i said no he will gladly jumped in and play with her.

"sweet lil baby..sweet lil baby..belongs to everybody" your abang would always sing this while kissing your head.

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