Monday, January 11, 2016

The perfect women pants


Pants are one of the pieces of clothing which may be hard for women to pick. Especially me.. With my big thighs and all and not to mention my postpartum body..phew..5 kgs to go Yo... Anyway, there are a few factors that need to be considered and finding the perfect women pants will be overwhelming for some. For the ladies who have no idea on how to buy the perfect pair of pants to add in their closet at home, here are a few tips that you could follow.

The first tip is to take into the mind the length of the women pants you prefer. It does not matter whether you want a long flare one, a straight cut, skinny fit or a shorter length; you have to set a length which suits your own style as well as height. For example, petite ladies will be drowning in a pair of pants which is too long. But for me, the longer the pants the cooler I feel, the baggier the better. But that's just me ;D .You do not want to feel frustrated when you are wearing an uncomfortable pair of women pants.
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Other than that, women should always know the style of pants that fits your body figure right. There are many pant styles to choose ranging from boot cut, tapered, skinny fit, straight cut and more. For example, women who want to make their legs appear slimmer or taller should opt for the skinny fit. Meanwhile, for the ladies who want to enhance their curves will definitely love the boot cut pants. Each style has its own take to it and you should discover which style fits your body shape best.

Another tip is to check the fabric of the pants you have your eye on. Do you prefer a breathable effect such as cotton or cotton polyester, thin fabrics like satin or something sturdier like denim jeans? For example, if you aim to hide areas you are not proud like your thighs, stay away from thin fabrics. Jeans have always been the favourite pick as it has that versatile element for women to mix match with any tops. Wear it with a basic tee, blouse, shirts, hoodies or sweaters and you will still look stunning.

                                           Bootcuts making a comeback? Yes, please!

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