Saturday, March 18, 2017

My dear Afiq

My dear Afiq,
thank you for the..precious memories. 23rd of February..will be a date I will never forget.


To know you for these past 25 years, we were lucky enough. Remembering the ride back to my parents house after the funeral, crying at the backseat like a child, listening to soothing words by my dad and mom while my kids hugged me as if to say "It's okay Mama, all is okay", how you shone like the brightest star you were, yet like all the brightest stars out there,  you burned out too quick. But just enough to touched thousands of people's heart.
To actually breaking it to pieces.

Life without Afiq..

what its like really?

If I close my eyes real hard, I can still taste and smell the magic bubble you love blowing, and I..remember the feel of breaking the bubble, how it turned into vapor, the smell, how I loved it.  With my son singing "MAGIC BUBBLE is good for you" at the background, and you, laughing at how I was obsessed of breaking the bubbles.

Still remembering feeling sad, watching you packed your bag in my guestroom, not knowing it'll be your last visit. You gave your triceratops clay to Ali asking him to take care of it. I cried watching you took off, not knowing why was I so sad of watching my cousin bidding us a simple goodbye.

I'm saving all your pictures into one big folder, and the need to let you go, in peace, I am still trying.

Goodbye my brother, you have been one of the highlight of my life, one of the sun,  that consistently shone even when things were falling apart.

Goodbye my brother, may we meet again one day.

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