Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not so baby anymore

Thaq is growing so fast now, unstoppable, macam-macam dah tau..waa... mixed feelings.
Let's see, he finally loves going to the daycare, i think its because he finally learn how to watch tv and i think they pasang upin ipin all day long, so yeah, everytime pegi je salam n cium laju2 and trus blah. waaa..
and i've run out of milk supplies, still ada but not enough for the growing boy, so every now and then, he has to drink dugro, tried other brands and he hates every one of em. dugro pun minum gitu2 je..whattodo..

He knows how to pee, at first i didnt know that he knew so i tanyelah, "takif nak ceng2 dulu before shower?" and he ceng2 all over me!! waaa..
next time i tried asking the same thing, and he ceng2 all over the floor also, good boy!
And he can really takes instruction well, so senang sgt. Haritu i asked him to pass me his toy robot, to bawak to tok's house, so he grabbed the robot, and passed it to me, and watched me packed the robot.

Knows how to say mama, abah, cikliya(iyaa), cikyana, cikshah, tutup, bird, cat, grandpa (appa), nana, (banana), abangman (ababa), and some other stuff i cant recall. Basically he knows how to copy stuff we say, like haritu fikri main2 cakap "kuaja" he copied the exact word!! grrrr...

His teething period is always filled with tantrums, pukul-pukulan sana sini, fever, moodiness, demanding, but sometimes can be very very sweet, major mood swings tho. everytime he slap me i would turn away and ignored him for a few mins. he'll come up next to me and ketawa pura pura, ingat senang eh nak cheer mama up? so i ignored him somemore and he nudge me a few times, and fikri asked him to say sorry, and so he salam me, and kiss my cheeks, easy kan to win my heart back?silly baby.

Finally, we got rid of his hernia, at Salam, Shah Alam. Will blog about that in the next post.

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